Logistic Hotspot Venlo-Venray

Limburg has a number of strong sectors, namely high-tech systems, life sciences & health, agrifood, logistics, chemicals & materials and smart services. The main clusters of these sectors are housed in the Brightland campusesChemelot Campus, Maastricht Health Campus, Smart Services Campus en Campus Greenport Venlo  o. The logistics sector, which has a highly developed profile in Limburg, is mainly concentrated at Greenport Venlo.

The main industrial zones for logistics (with numerous warehouses and DCs) are Fresh Park Venlo (the largest European food hub), Trade Port West and Trade Port North in Venlo, and Smakterheide and de Blakt in Venray. This multimodal region has road links to Eindhoven (A67), Nijmegen and Maastricht (A73), Mönchengladbach (A74 / BAB61) and Duisburg (BAB40) and excellent rail (Brabant route) and water links (river Maas). The largest inland rail terminal in the Netherlands is currently under construction at Trade Port North.

In 2019, the Venlo-Venray region was named as the premier logistics region for cross-border e-fulfilment. Other important logistic concentrations in Limburg are located in Holtum-North in Born (municipality of Sittard-Geleen) and Sint Joost (municipality of Echt). The Holtum-North business park is located adjacent to the A2 motorway and links to the entrance and exit of the A2 at Holtum-Noord. Completion of the latest expansion project has made the Barge Terminal Born one of the largest inland terminals in the Netherlands. Sint Joost business park in Echt is located right between the A73 and A2 motorways.


Set your Sights on Venlo


Facts and figures on the Venlo area

Population per January, 1 2021
Venlo city: 101,984

Venlo region:
Venlo (101.984), Venray (43.614), Horst a/d Maas (42.429), Peel en Maas (43.425), Roermond (58.260)
Totaal: 289.712

Area surface Venlo city: 129 sq. kms

Venlo region:
Venlo (129), Venray (165), Horst a/d Maas (192), Peel en Maas (161), Roermond (71)
Total: 718 sq. kms

Labour Data

Per January, 1 2021

  • Number of active population in the City of Venlo: 62,301 (15 – 64 yrs.)
  • Available labour force in northern and middle Limburg: approx. 25,000
  • Available labour force in the City of Venlo: approx. 5,324 (= 10.6%)
  • Percentage of people working part time: 10.4% (= 6.002 persons)

Educational level of Venlo labour force

  • University/polytechnic: 22%
  • Intermediate vocational: 62%
  • Lower: 16%

Foreign language proficiency of Venlo labour force

  • English: 85%
  • German: 90%
  • French: 25%
  • Other: 10%

De Trade Ports

Trade Port West 286 ha gross
Venlo Trade Port 335 ha
Trade Port Oost 30 ha
Trade Port Noord 400 ha

Logistic Real Estate / Warehouse

The real estate market in Venlo with regard to logistics warehouses has been booming in the last 25 years. Rental rates in Venlo at the moment lie between 50-55 euros per square meter per year excl. VAT and other related costs. Big player in the Venlo market is Prologis. Other major developers are: Goodman, Heylen and Kero Vastgoed. Furthermore, a lot of logistics companies have developed their own sites, UPS, XPO (Guess), DSV, Nunner (Lidl), Vida XL, Michael Kors, PVH (Calvin Klein/Tommy Hilfiger).


Distance in miles (kms) to nearest major metropolitan areas and international airports

  • Düsseldorf: 35 (56)
  • Keulen: 55 (88)
  • Rotterdam: 103 (165)
  • Amsterdam: 112 (180)
  • Antwerpen: 87 (140)
  • Brussel: 107 (172)
  • Eindhoven: 35 (56)
  • Maastricht: 50 (80)
  • Nijmegen: 40 (65)

Direct passenger rail service to

  • Eindhoven
  • Rotterdam/The Hague
  • Roermond
  • Cologne
  • Nijmegen/Arnhem

A Project Manager at your service, compliments of Warehouser Consultants

Developers who locate in the Venlo area have several working partners at their service, one of whom is a special Project Manager. He serves as a working partner for companies locating in the area, guiding them through the entire process of settling down in Venlo.

The successful Trade Port concept

A cornerstone in Holland’s prominent economic position

Holland is a leading player in the strong commercial climate of the European Union. Some 6,300 foreign companies have located their European operations in the Netherlands. And Nearly 30 per cent of all goods transported in Europe today are handled by Dutch international carriers.

The majority of Holland’s successful commercial activity is centred around three cornerstones. First, the Port of Rotterdam, Europe’s largest and busiest harbour. Second, Schiphol Airport, the third most active air-cargo centre in Europe. And third, the Venlo/Eindhoven area, operating on the strength of the successful Trade Port concept.

A high-profile, high-flexibility location

The Trade Port complex is the centre-piece of combined industrial/logistics activities in the southeast Netherlands. It is an expansive, ultra-modern commercial development location, combining fully-integrated road and rail transhipment facilities with a state-of-the-art telecommunications infrastructure. It is also a highly flexible business park. Designed to international standards, Trade Port offers optimum accommodations for virtually any type of commercial endeavour, from warehousing, logistics and distribution to manufacturing and recycling to research, development or service industries.

Well situated

Commercial developers benefit from Trade Port’s central location in the heart of the European Market, home to more than 350 million consumers. Trade Port is located near the intersection of the E34/A67 and the A73, as well as the junction of the railway lines Rotterdam-Eindhoven-Venlo and Arnhem-Nijmegen-Roermond.

For easy accessibility to all Trade Port premises, an international 4-digit addressing system has been implemented in recent years. This system was initially developed by the Port of Rotterdam, ensuring an effective, internationally-recognisable system as the Trade Port continues its expansion programme.

Part of the big picture

The multi-modal transport facilities present at Trade Port complement those of Rotterdam and Schiphol. Both facilities have a vested interest in further strengthening Venlo's position in European goods traffic. In fact, to an ever increasing degree, activities in goods handling are being relocated from Rotterdam to the interior due to growing traffic congestion in the densely populated agglomerations of western Holland. That's one reason why a High-speed Container Shuttle Service now offers direct, daily rail connections between Trade Port and the Rail Service Centre at the Port of Rotterdam.

Ready for Europe 2050 with the Trade Port concept

The Venlo area has emerged as one of the primary logistic centres for the European market of the 21st century. With its central location, its direct infrastructural connections to major European economic centres and its terminal facilities for nearly any type of combined traffic, Venlo presents clear strategic advantages for companies hoping to capitalise on the opportunities of the changing European market. A key element of that strategic advantage is Venlo's highly successful Trade Port concept.

Facts and figures on Trade Port

Zoning in development plan Logistics, manufacturing, recycling
Soil type Sand (in principle no piling required)
Ground water depth 2,5 - 5,5 m

Three modalities (rail, road and barge) within easy reach:

Distance from estate centre to highway by road:

A67 en A73 0 - 4 km

Distance to nearest freight railway station (container, general cargo)

ECT Container terminal and Cabooter Rail terminal 0 - 4 km

Distance to nearest passenger railway station:

Blerick/Venlo 1 - 5 km

Distance to nearest inland port:

TCT Terminal 0 - 6 km
Type of waterway Rivier (Maas)

Distance to nearest seaports:

Amsterdam 165 km
Rotterdam 160 km
Antwerpen 140 km

Distance to nearest airports:

Amsterdam 160 km
Eindhoven 55 km
Maastricht 60 km
Düsseldorf 70 km
Brussel 145 km

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